Free Domain Name

Do you want a Free domain name .com?, Using AlligatorTool you can now register a free Domain .com or any other extension you want in just a couple of minutes, simply go to the search bar and type in your domain to check the availability, if the domain is available then go ahead and complete the Captcha and register your domain for free.

Why do we give a Free domain name?

Technically, we do not give domain for free, ICANN strictly regulate the prices of domains, and there is no way you can buy a domain from a registrar without paying for it, but at Alligator Tool we manage to provide free domains to our users because we invented a monetizing system which allows us to pay for the domain on your behalf, How is that works? well, when you register a domain and complete an offer during the process in the captcha we make a commission, and that"s how we monetize the website so instead of keeping all the revenue to ourselves we do share it with users and give them free domain names. 

You can read more about how AlligatorTool works on this page: About AlligatorTool

What else I can get with the Free Domain?

After you choose a domain and register it using AlligatorTool, you will access your Control Panel and from there you can find all the extra features offered along with the Free Domain.

  • Free SSL
  • Free Email
  • Full DNS Control.
  • Free Parking, Transfer
  • Free Hosting (Soon)

Can I Renew a Domain for Free?

Yes, you can register and renew any domain name for free, more details on this article, Renew a Domain for Free.

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